Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Lovecraft Trivia &c

Lovecraft was old fashioed in his dress. He drove Sonia and his pals mad with his fussiness over just the right "conservative" brim on his hat, wearing the same, moth-ridden suits day in and day out, and insisting on dressing like a circa 1900 man in the middle of the roaring 20's!

Don't forget to rummage the archives. More that 200 posts are there on many Lovecraft aspects! Use the search feature to find your favorite topic - it may just what you need for that next rpg! :)

Coming soon: More anecdotes from FB Long & others, new mythos stories from Chrispy, deconstructed Lovecraft research, and images of long ago, Lovecraft's Providence.

I want this to be a press release center, too. If you have something of newsworthiness, or an assembly of HPL afiicianados - let us know. Thousands read this blog, and we have people from up to 20 nations stop by to view.

[rpg, role playing game, in case you were wondering].

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