Sunday, May 21, 2006


I'll tell you more about this interesting periodical over the next few weeks. I recently acquired this 1936 limited edition New England magazine of poetry. It was published by Walter John Coates of North Pelier, Vermont.

What I've found amazing is that it was bound in wallpaper!

The document is rather fragile, so I have to be careful to scan this 70 year old ephemera.

Established in 1926, the deitorial fellowship consisted of:

Hugh Stevenson Tigner, Middleton, NY
Homer C. House, College Park, Md
D. Sanial Gill, Dade City, FL (RFD 3, i.e rural free delivery 3)
Howard P. Lovecraft, Providence , RI
Jeannette Slocomb Edwards, Wilmington, Del
Howard Davis Spoerl, Springfield, MA
Berniece L. B. Graham, Manchester, Vt
W. Paul Cook, East St. Louis, Ill.

The book review editor was Clara Edmunds-Hemingway, Chicago, IL.

This issue has 43 poems.

While Lovecraft's poem was a part of his Fungi From Yuggoth, this was interesting by Lilith Lorraine:


I have seen old women gossiping
And thrilling to the soft vicarious touch
Of other women's lovers.
I have seen their shrivelled souls
Wallowing in fetid slime
Of rank, unclean imaginings.

Better the frankness of untrammeled mating,
Better the searing of the white-hot flame,
Than half-life in the charnel-vault of virtue,
Where vampires sap the blood of holy passion
And leave their mark on the white throat of love.

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