Monday, May 15, 2006

Lovecraft's Legacy: Stephen King

Recently seen note by Stephen King.

"Have you ever scared yourself?" King recounted being at a World Horror Convention in 1979 in Providence, RI and peering into a pawnshop window. King's "Mr. Idea Man said, 'What if there was a pillow in that window? Just an ordinary old pillow in a slightly dirty cotton slip? And suppose somebody curious about why such an item would be on display- a writer like you, maybe- went in and asked about it, and the guy who ran the pawnshop said it was H.P. Lovecraft's pillow, the one he slept on every night, the one he dreamed his fantastic dreams on, maybe even the one he died on.' Reader I cannot remember - even now, a quarter century later - ever having an idea that gave me such a chill."


Anonymous said...

Wow...the possibility of a story like that written by Stephen King is something I could only hope for...

gugon said...

So the question that immediately comes to mind is this:

If you actually did find Lovecraft's pillow in a pawnshop - and you bought it - would you sleep on it, if only for one night?


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