Saturday, December 31, 2005

Lovecraft Publicity Shy?

The Gallomo correspondence (Galpin, Moe & Lovecraft) contains an interesting - albeit prophetic - note. To Galpin on September 30, 1919, Lovecraft discusses what might happen should his private correspondence be released to his public.

"Concerning posthumous publication of epistles, I sincerely hope that no one may ever be fatuous enough to embalm my folly thusly! ... You must realize that the Gallomionistic Tibaldus {Lovecraft's pseudonymn} is not the stern ascetick {sic} whome the rest of the world knows. ... For one thing - no one but Galmo {sic} ever beheld a word of profanity from my pen. The Kliecomolo {Kleiner, Loveman, et. al. correpondence} is frankly written with a view of semi-publicity, but not this closer document Gawd, no! I can't kick if Galba wants to keep these outbursts of microcephaly, but I can at least adjure him to keep 'em private."

[Letters to Alfred Galpin, ed. Joshi & Schultz, isbn 096732159x, p.55]

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