Sunday, December 18, 2005

Rock and Roll?

Surely not? No doubt, H. P. Lovecraft would have considered R&R noise. He certainly had no love for jazz, and would have been intollerant of blues, so their hybrid would have been a dondaniel cacophany to his ears.

Yet, one of the least known aspects of Lovecraftiana is a small band that made waves along with Jefferson Airplane back in 1967. Yes, I was alive then, but just a boy.

I actually have the album set on cd and it is quite good - at least as good as the first few Jefferson Airplane albums, though they had some hits, and H.P. Lovecraft didn't. I recommend that you at least try out the clips.

There are two new releases that I have not gotten my hands on yet. They can be seen if you link over or google There is a brief blurb on the band on the internet, too.

Their best known and most creative song was based on the short story White Ship. In the mid-1960's, Lovecraft's stories were just getting their second wind. The WWII years saw Derleth and Wandrei send out thousands of copies of HPL's stories to G.I.'s. Then the G.I.'s baby boomer kids had a turn at the Gentleman from Providence.

Was there ever a more psychodelic concept for the 60's than Lovecraft's nihilistic materialism laced with eldritch magick from the stars?

Check out this groovy music. You'll grok it.

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