Tuesday, December 20, 2005

A Night On The Town with HPL & SHG

Thought you'd enjoy this little anecdote of the married couple (Howard and Sonia)out to dinner and movie.

Midnight, April 12/13, 1926 [From S. T. Joshi et. al. , H. P. Lovecraft: Letters From New York]

"At 5 PM we adjourned ... for dinner ... mine was grapefruit, soup, spaghetti, beef with ptato pancakes, sweet potato, & onions, cofffee, & spumoni. ... {and traveled to] Flatbush, the only undecayed spot in ... Brooklyn ...

"Arriving there whilst the evening was still young, we had ice cream ... (or rather I had ice cream whilst SH had two coca-colas.) & attended the ... theater ... the film was ... Stella Maris in the reissued form & aroused in my mind an interesting reminisce. I attended the old issue of this film in January 1918 ... but was forced to leave before it was half over because of a disgestive attack - my stomach was not then reliable as it is now. In that old film Mary Pickford was the star ..."

HPL's nutrition consisted of some high calorie stuff. He seemed to love ice cream !


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