Sunday, January 01, 2006

The Lovecraft-Lincoln Legend

Thanks to T. Peter Park and the folks at Anomalist for letting me discuss this next bit of Lovecraftiana.

In 1966, Park discovered an oral tradition that makes sane men weak in the knees!

To a midwestern town of the 1890's, a family of freakish, froggish people migrated from Massachusetts. Standoffish and abberant, one of the sons was accused of raping and murdering one of the daughters of one of the town's leading men. Killed by lynching, the maligned family cursed the town. The scion and a son were soon found dead as if a giant snail had crushed them. I ```shudder``` to speak of the ghostly vistations, cataclysms and insanity that subsequently gripped the town.

This is a must read! Park has spent more than four decades researching this legend. Park relates the bizarre and truly weird happenstances of investigating this legend in his stand out article.

Spend a few minutes to read about this true life mystery of folklore - but make sure the doors are locked tight.

Also, please check out the Home Page of Anomalist.

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