Wednesday, January 04, 2006

The Coming of T'Loal

I was delighted to see that my colleague James Layne and his co-author have taken this opportunity to create a new treasure in the Mythos continuum.

They'd like to let you know that the book relates the fearful tale of , "Two college friends who stumble onto an ancient religious cult with links to the present while assembling an exhibit for the Clay County Historical Society. Can Michael and Terry solve the mystery of the great T'Loal before the final battle? Or will the Great Old Ones and the Elder Gods engage in an interdimensional battle that will determine the fate of humanity?"

James W. Layne, Jr. is a member of my Lovecraft zoetrope office. He resides in Springfield, Ohio with his wife and two children. He writes and attends Urbana University as a full time student. He has been writing stories for personal entertainment for many years and decided to pursue writing as a career as an afterthought to a happy and fulfilling life. James is a Veteran of The United States Army, participating in Operation Desert Storm, Operation Poised Hammer, and Operation Provide Comfort. His fictional works include The Screenplay National Security, An Ultra Violent Techno-Thriller called Carnage, A Dozen Songs, a horror piece called The Land Beyond the Mirror, a collaborative effort with long time friend J.T. O'Connor titled The Coming of T'Loal and a couple of political satires. James’ non-fiction work is the self-help course "Square One" available by contacting him directly at

His partner, J.T. O’Connor is a retired Air Force Master Sergeant who gave 34 years of service. He loves "classic" horror, meaning horror that depends on plot and characters, not blood, gore or superfluous sex. He has co-authored a novella based on H.P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu mythos. He is also a trained musician who has released two Cd’s –Tone Poems… That Sometimes Rhyme (2000, Sacred Chao Records) and Faery Ring (2001, Sacred Chao Records) Current projects include writing another mythos tale, practicing, and preparing for another music release with an experimental instrument called a Solene.

Check out this adventure.

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