Monday, February 28, 2011

Bodies Stolen in New Jersey

These news stories, while sensational, come and go quickly as the media loses attention. So I preserve them on the HPLblog. He was sometimes interestd in ghoulish things, though he was squeamish. His Statement of Randolph Carter was of grave matters, so to speak. The Hound, which he later frowned upon, was very ghoulish. We need not go into Herbert West.

Though the police discuss that it may have been a cult, I have my personal reservations that it was satanic cults. It may have been for medical black market, or a gang prank, or the work of a proto-serial killer, but it's hard for me to believe satanists. Time will tell.

I've added a Google map showing the locations of the cemeteries, approximately, and how close they are. Elizabeth, of course, is where HPL wrote the story He.

The story {excerpted}:

PERTH AMBOY, NJ (23 February 2011) — A ghoulish cult practice may have been the motivation behind the theft of human remains from cemeteries in Woodbridge and Perth Amboy, officials believe. Authorities are now asking area cemeteries and the public to report suspicious activity to the police and also to help identify any suspects.

The body snatchers targeted the remains of a 72-year-old man interred at Most Holy Rosary Cemetery in the Fords section of Woodbridge and the remains of a 2-year-old boy buried at St. Mary’s Cemetery in Perth Amboy, officials said Wednesday.

The Perth Amboy incident was reported on Nov. 28 by a cemetery visitor who saw the open grave. The Woodbridge incident was first noticed last Tuesday by a passerby who reported that a granite mausoleum “had been disturbed,” officials said.

The families of the deceased have been notified by the authorities. Investigators believe people engaged in a “non-traditional religious practice” may be responsible.

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