Thursday, June 17, 2010

New Lovecraft Project !!

This just in ...

I'm a new filmmaker trying to create a mythos film based on the story
of Romeo and Juliet. it's called the
"Transition of Juliet and Romeo" a play on "The Transition of Juan
Romero" and it's mostly influenced by "The Dunwich Horror" and
"Through the Gates of the Silver Key" (although the second draft is
shaping up to have a large influence from "The Shadow Out of Time" as

We've put the first draft script out there for mythos fans to enjoy
(and feedback on) at and the
subsequent drafts will be released there as the story progresses.

However we really need as many Lovecraft supporters to join us in
attempting to fund the production (in return everyone who contributes
gets at minimum a digital copy of the film after completion) even by
giving £1 ($2) our campaign is on Facebook at
or on IndieGoGo at

We hope you can consider spreading the word amongst your friends and
encouraging them to get involved in this exciting project. Our target
Date for reaching full funding is the 1st of September so we really
need to find 15,000 who like Lovecraft, weird writing, or even just
real horror that isn't all about slashers but actually makes you


Stuart Jamieson

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