Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Baby Roger !!

When Lovecraft was a little boy, the school children of Providence collected money to bring in Baby Roger - an elephant. However, as the years went on, Baby Roger exhibited mental issues and thus was taken off exhibit.

There is no evidence that "Baby Lovecraft" ever met "Baby Roger" but one wonders how it could be avoided. Every providence parent wanted their child to see the elephant when it was cute and small. Lovecraft, though, admits in later life he was sensitive to smells and odors, and elephant "smells" would not have went over well. Lovecraft loved science, but the so-called physical sciences, NOT biology.

It is nice to think of Lovecraft with this elephant, but we will never know.

The seller states:
UNDivided back-postally unused
Some edge and corner wear-tow stains on back
Overall good condition
Leighton # 10076


tap said...

I agree. The idea of Lovecraft and Roger is a geat one. I think he'd work him into his tales somehow.
I've been working on a documentary about Baby Roger for a while and have unearthed a lot of fascinating info. about this legend.
Roger was actually at the zoo only from 1893 to 1903, so the postcard would have had to have been before then. I've seen it, and I believe it was from 1900.
More info is in my blog at

tap said...

I agree that it would be great to think of Lovecraft and Roger together. That would be a great basis for one of his tales.
I've been working on a documentary about Roger (see and learned that he was only at the zoo from 1893-1903. The postcard you show was actually from 1900.
There is a movie that was made of Roger in 1900 (or 1902 depending on your sources)!
The park finally got rid of Roger because he was an adolescent (14 years old) and was acting like any moody teen-aged male elephant usually does...


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