Monday, June 28, 2010

Interlude: Electronic Tools

I have been getting some rest, and working on a number of special Lovecraft projects. I have a lot of new things to post up.

In the menatime, I thought I would stop and discuss the value of electronic research tools for Lovecraft study. I specifically use Google searches and Ebay auctions. However, Abe Books and LW Currey auction houses usually offer images of rare items that are often readable.

Others find valuable. I haven't had the pleasure of using the full version yet - simply no time just yet - but I do know many revelations have been uncovered.

I also find that the New York Times archive has free pdf's sometimes. I found a 1911 letter by Samuel Loveman on the merits of George Sterling just this weekend. There are also available for a fee a number of letters from Adolphe de Castro. These are just a few examples. I hope other newspapers will soon be available.

Alban has found some great photos of Old Providence on a photo sight. Steve and I have been working on comparing young Howard's meteorolgical records against the US Meteorological Society's online archive. The possibilities are exciting.

So in summary, we are now in a brand new age of rapid research abilities. The traditional scholarship reference books of letters and biographies and reminisces are irreplaceable, but with them in hand, just pick a subject or topic and with a little effort and careful choices, nuances quickly become apparent to augment, correct, and expand the traditional sources.

We can only imagine what the next ten years will bring for online tools!

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