Saturday, November 21, 2009

Twin "colours" out of space ...

*sigh*. I was going to type in about the two metoer events of the 18th-19th, but Blogger is not allowing much right now. So, I'll just refer you to the news services for:

About 12:07 AM local time in Utah, the sky lit up with a meteor fragment on the 18th. It may have hit near Dugway in the desert.

In addition on the Gold Coast near Brisbane, the sky also lit up at locat time 9:45 AM on the 19th.

This is in addition to a 6 Nov report that an asteroid glanced off the Earth's atmosphere.

In the same reports, they revealed that a very large object burned out over Africa 13 months ago (a piece was found in the Sudan), and another a month ago over Indonesia.

Strange things are happening!

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