Friday, November 27, 2009


Fubar: A Periodical, Volume One, Number One Magazine/Chapbook (Soft Cover)

compiled by Joseph BellPublisher: Soft Books (Canada);

Year: 1983

Size: 11" x 8.5" (approx.); Page Count: 30

Includes:The Lovecraft Collector 1949, with two letters from editor Ray H. Zorn and full bibliographic list;The Lovecraft Collectors Library 1952-1955 (full bibliographic details);The Lovecraftsman 1963-1965 (brief);Nyctalops 1970-1983 (details of all HPL and related material);The Dark Brotherhood Journal & Newsletter 1971-1973 (biographical essay and bibliographical checklist);The Journal Of The H.P. Lovecraft Society 1976-1979 (detailed bibliographic list);Lovecraft Studies 1979-1982 (detailed bibliographic list);Crypt Of Cthulhu 1981-1983 (full bibliographic list including four essays by Robert M. Price).Limited to 100 hand-numbered copies

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