Sunday, July 29, 2007

Roger Martin Tudor's New Interactive CD: Part 1

Roger Tudor has made available a great new tool for Lovecraftian research and for pure enjoyment. I've just received my cd by Roger, and wow.

I know many of you are RPG savvy. This new resource is, as Lovecraft might have said, "the cat's meow". Intense. That's my first impression. Deep. Knowledgable. Well researched.

There are several sections all fully linked to hundreds (HUNDREDS) of sources to follow up on definitions of hard words, the behind-the-scenes meanings of allusions, and images of the eldritch gods and places and people Lovecraft discusses in his fiction. Dagon and Azathoth are featured.

There are also links to blogs, web sites, and video clips.

In a few more installments, I'll tell you much more about this. Roger should have copies available on ebay - or go to his site and inquire.

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