Friday, July 13, 2007

Interlude: Cthuluesque Jokes

Forum-mate, Arne, has ferreted out these yucks. (If you'd like to join the forum, see directions in blog post above.)

So Nyarlahotep pops across to the library where Cthulhu's actually a bit more rugose and squamous then usual. And he says, what's up?

And Cthulhu says "Rl'yeh fthagn, ahem! Blimey! Sorry, phlegm. Bit ill, actually."

So Nyarlahotep rubs three of his pseudopods together and says, "I have just the thing!"

And he leads the mighty Elder One across the non-Euclidean town sqaure, down a dodgy back alley, where an eldritch couple of debt collectors are lurking.

And Nyarlahotep says: "Here's that sick squid I owe you."

... "Waiter! Waiter! There's a dead squid in my soup!"
"It's not dead, Sir. It's just dreaming."

... Man 1: "Have you seen that odd monkey-looking fellow Arthur around lately?"
Man 2: "Jermyn?"
Man 1: "No, I think he was Portuguese..."

... Arne found them here.

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