Sunday, July 15, 2007

CSM: Cthulhu Magazine Closes

This seen online (here).

CSM officially announces closure.

Amidst gnashing of teeth and tears of woe from the paid audience, St. Michael, creator and publisher of CSM, announced at a secret press conference that Cthulhu Sex Magazine would be closing after the next issue, Issue 14, Volume 3. "We started this magazine to mainstream amazing artwork and fantastic writing that wasn't in the public eye," said the surreally good-looking man, "and over the last nine years, we have achieved that goal." To back up his statement, a video presentation offered fun facts, including national distribution to multiple major chains, mentions in major international magazines and papers, and common usage as an example in non-promotional articles and blogs. "We'll miss our contributors and readers," St. Michael continued, "but we've decided to get out while the getting is good and use this shared experience to catapult into new and greater experiences." He went on to assure subscribers that they will receive compensation of undelivered issues in the form of books from Two Backed Books, the CSM imprint of Raw Dog Screaming Press. He also informed faithful readers of CSM that many of the writers they have come to know and love would be published through Two Backed Books. The CSM website will continue to operate as will the CSM MySpace page. St. Michael intimated that there might be a new experience at the webpage in the works.

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