Monday, July 23, 2012

“Shall I compare thee to a Shoggoth?”

"In the same putrid vein as Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, Shakespeare v. Lovecraft slithers hideously onto the literary mash-up scene, whispering of cosmic horrors and eldritch tales whilst espousing sweet soliloquys and profoundly contemplating mankind’s place in the universe.

The powerful magician Prospero, driven dangerously insane by prolonged exposure to the dread Necronomicon, makes a terrible pact with the titanic alien beast known only as Cthulhu. Now only his enchantress daughter Miranda and a handful of history’s greatest heroes are all that stand between humanity and blasphemous eternal subjugation.

Macbeth, King Henry V and more clash with some of Lovecraft’s most memorable monstrosities including Dagon, The Colour Out Of Space, Night- Gaunts, Ghouls, a Shoggoth and, of course, the Great Priest himself. And which sides will the Dream-God Oberon, the monstrous Caliban and ethereal Ariel favour in this savage clash of worlds?

Will humanity triumph and celebrate with a bawdy global rendition of “Hey Nonny Nonny”, or will the rest, as they say, be silence?"

Teaser trailer artwork from the forthcoming graphic novel adaptation of Shakespeare v Lovecraft... it's an excerpt that reveals that Juliet is not the girl she used to be!

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