Sunday, May 24, 2009

Pirate Report of 1721

(above) Authentic 1721 pirate report.

From Lovecraft's Charles Dexter Ward: Gossip spoke of the strange substances he brought from London and the Indies ... Simon Orne lived in Salem until 1720, when his failure to grow visibly old began to excite attention. He thereafter disappeared ...

Perhaps the report could have fictionally read:

Sir: St. Chriftopher's April 24 1721 I made the Ifland, and I am forry to give you this Account of my great Misfortune in this voyage. 6th of March, I made inland and one Orne, a passenger of late embarked in Boston, faid individual made fecretive and much time spent in quietudes until our encounter upon difembarking in Barbados for Rum and ftores, rumors faid and attefted by first mate, certain priefts of dark arts were contacted by Orne, and our Misfortunes began. Dark men attacked under cover of Myfterious Myfts, thought to be pirates of faid Carribean, and some of His Majefty's men were lost, much bloode spilled, and Orne, passenger, not found after attack.

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