Friday, May 22, 2009

Lovecraft's First Letter?

Though Chrispy patrols the auction sites, I can't see it all. Thank you, Ivan! Here is probably Lovecraft's first published letter, and most assuredly one of his most notable scientific achievements. As a teenager (HPL born 20 Aug 1890) would have been just shy of 16 when he sent off his letter) he was decidedly intent on a career in astronomy. Taken under the wing of the great Upton, he was not only introduced to celebrities such as Percivel Lowell, but also tapped to write astronomical columns for local newspapers. He was well on his way, except for three failings. He was poor in math, sickly, and his means of independent wealth seized from him when his grandfather died.

Again thanks to Ivan and enjoy these images of Lovecraft's first published scientific letter.

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Carlos Abraham said...

Superb post!

It´s really fascinating, and it´s very possible it would be his first letter.



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