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Derleth to Lee Brown Coye (1963) on Lovecraft Book


Seller's Description:
August Derleth to Lee Brown Coye - 1963

No need to tell the majority of you of the importance of August Derleth to Fantasy & SF literature. Derleth founded Arkham House publishers specifically to promote the lifework of his friend, Howard Phillips Lovecraft and along the way incidentally published the first books of Ray Bradbury, Fritz Leiber, Robert Bloch, A. Van Vogt, Ramsey Campbell and others. Lee Brown Coye may be an unknown entity to many of you but Coye was a noted artist whose Fantastic pen & ink Grotesques were published in Weird Tales, Fantastic, and other specialty magazines, and also dust-jacket illustrations for Arkham House, Carcosa, and some earlier rare limited editions.

This one-page letter upon Derleth's personal stationary is an apparent response to a letter from Lee Brown Coye expressing interest in illustrating a volume of H. P. Lovecraft stories. Derleth warns the artist that the financial rewards would be minimal, even if he printed 3000 copies. Thie vollume was eventually published under the title "Three Tales of Horror" in an edition of only 1500 copies. The letter also notes that Coye's next assignment would be Ramsey Campbell's first book "The Inhabitant of the Lake". I don't know why Coye never completed this assignment because the published artwork was completed by Frank Utpatel.

An interesting wordy and fairly lengthy noteworthy letter. Signed with Derleth's squiggle and dated 13 September 1963.

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