Saturday, February 21, 2009

Border's Broke My Heart: Or How I Stimulated The Economy

EVERYTIME! I go to Borders with my 10%, 20%, of 30% off coupon they break my heart. I rush over to the Horror section and ... the same old Kalems. King takes up his 800 pound gorilla 35% of the shelving, and then squeezed in is Koonz, Lumley, and Matheson. Poor Lovecraft does have several books that I have memorized and Steven Jones a few anthologies. I'm a fan of Brian Keene and he's now well represented, but I've read the covers off of him. Just try to find a Leisure Braunbeck set of Mr. hands, or a Nate Southard, or a Sarah Pinnborough. *sigh*

So, I decided to ignore Mr. Obama's warning that It's GOING To Get Worse Before It Gets Better, and I bought from larry Roberts and Shane Ryan: I think I had 10 books arrive this week, most of them numbered and signed and limted editions. I also got terrific bargains by getting free books. My about $110 netted me two free $50 each Braunbeck anthologies, a few extra bookmarks, and lots of soon to be reading pleasure.

One was - drool - Horrors Beyond 2 with 18 !!! signatures on the inside cover.

And, finally, I got a copy of Lovecraftian Dave Goudsward's Shadows Over New England.

Border's Loss.
Horror Mall's Gain.
My reading pleasure.


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