Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Lovecrafter (Another Copy) 1936

{The story: CP}

Book Description: No Place( Oakman, AL.? ): Donald Wollheim & Wilson Shepard ( Shepherd ), 1936, 1st and Only Edition, 1st Printing, 1936. Broadside . Book Condition: Good. ........ (illustrator). First Edition. .......Please see: Joshi I-B-iii-71; III-G-i-5 and Currey, p. 330.. Lovecraft, Howard Phillips, ( H. P. ) A SONNET ( The Lovecrafter), Publisher. No place: Wilson Shepherd and Donald A Wollheim,( Printed with the deep gratitude and best wishes of Wilson Shepherd and Donald A. Wollheim), August 20, 1936. 1st and only edition, issued with Fourty-Sixth mis-spelled, offered as a filler copy, originally issued at the following size .126 x 203 mm ---this copy has been trimmed and glued to a piece of white card, this has been trimmed to about 125 mm x 173 mm, why it was trimmed I do not know, there are some closed tears, browning to paper as usual (and in fact this paper might have started out as a brown paper ), broadside printed on wood pulp stock which is prone to browning, There were 16 copies printed, 1 on rag paper, the rest on paper. The rag copy and 1 of the paper copies were given to HPL and are now in the Lovecraft Collection at the John Hay Library. The remaining 14 copies were sent to friends and early science fiction enthusiasts I suspect that I know where this copy has come from, but I cannot prove its provenance.I believe it is from the collection of an early fanzine publisher ). This sonnet is number XXX (30) in the Fungi from Yuggoth poetry cycle. This is the only issue of The Lovecrafter and was prepared for Lovecraft's forty-sixth birthday (August 20th). The broadside is from 1936. The date on the broadside is in honour of HPL's birthday, not the actual day and month of publication. Of the 14 remaining copies, they are RARE!!! an

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