Monday, November 12, 2007

Interlude: A Poe Letter

Lovecraft adored Poe. Here is a rarely seen letter that I had an image of in a Gerry de la Rees 'zine.
The text reads:

New York
December 4, '46

Dear Sir

Having just arrived this morning from Philadelphia {from an unsuccesful "literary" visit} I found your letter and thinking to find you at the office hastened here, but Miss Howard informs me that you have gone to New haven for the weekend. However, I shall see you on Monday or Tuesday.

The story, "The Cask of Amontillado", was published for the first time in last month's number of "Godey's Mag", I fail to see that it bears any affinity to "The Case of "M. Valdemar". {*) The latter was a pseudo-scientific extravagance, - - the story a fiction of the most pronounced type. If you can come out to Fordham on Sunday afternoon I shall be pleased to discuss the "resemblance" with you. I think I have the mss. of both.

Your daughter assures me of this being delivered in time for you to let me know if I may expect you. I shall be alone, except that a mutual friend, N. P. Willsi, and perhaps Dr, farmer (who usually calls after church services) may call.

Thanking you for the "criticism", I am

Yours Truly
{s} Edgar A Poe

A. N. Howard, Esq.
New York
* extra quote mark, sic.

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