Saturday, July 29, 2006

Shub-Niggurath where has the time gone?

Chrispy feels like he's been in a time displacement. Nearly a month? >gasp<

My thought of the day is this. I was just listening to The "New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes" radio shows of the 1940's starring the incredible Basil Rathbone * and Nigel Bruce. The Tobaccanist Murders (and a zillion other Holmes stories) featured Inspector Lastrasse.


The Call of Cthulhu has Inspector Legrasse.


We all know - you shoud if you have read Chrispy's nefarious archives - that HPL was a childhood fan of Sherlock Holmes. He often featured snippets of Holmes, notably in The Hound!! {heh}.

And all those comments about revolvers - probably came from Holmes and the many dime novels HPL devoured.

* Basil Rathbone also recorded a marvelous recitation of Poe stories and poems. It is to die for {heh}.


Anonymous said...

There is also a wonderful collection of stories called "Shadows Over Baker Street". It's a collection of stories about Sherlock Holmes investigating the Cthulhu mythos. Fun and rather well done.

Michelle said...

Whoohooo!!! You're back!

Note: Did pick up the Baker Street collection myself after having a conniption fit at Borders after noticing the cover. Haven't, of course, read it yet, but if I get to it soon, I'll post a review... *sigh*


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