Sunday, August 18, 2013

Lovecraft-Inspired Music

In my younger days, I used to call this avant garde.  That dates me.  But here are some cool music downloads ...

They include radio voice overs (some use of expletives in some narratives), narratives, electronic music, percussion, and other forms of music.

Tales from the Doorstep cover art

You may want to start with: Hail Zeon! - Super Science

Tales From The Doorstep
4 haunting tales of magic and super science. Join Hail Zeon!, Richard Pickman and Durka Dub on a journey along knowledge and madness.
A full sized sequel to the "Doorstep EP", Tales From Doorstep is a creepy mix of strange Space Opera from The Masters Of Space Opera.

The Doorstep EP cover art

I suggest you start with Chapter XV - Revenge Spells prt​.​2

The Lovecraftian EP, featuring Hail Zeon! and Richard Pickman , takes Space Opera through dusty libraries, distant times and even Antarctica.

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