Friday, June 01, 2012

New Project Alert: The Shadow Out of Providence

It seems to be Lovecraft season!
This message just arrived, and as always, Chrispy tries to share the news about new books.
There is a groovy video at the link, or look at it below.

Dear Chris,

I wanted to let a fellow cultist know about an illustrated book called The Shadow out of Providence, a metafictional response to the writings of fantasist Howard Philips Lovecraft (1890-1937). Two stories and a play re-work Lovecraft’s themes and plots while critiquing his racism and his nostalgia for aristocracy. Artists Timothy Hutchings, Erol Otus, and Dan Zettwoch each illustrate one section of the book.

 We have launched a Kickstarter page to raise money to fund the design and print run:

The project also has a home page: 

If any of your readers can help us make this obsessive little project a reality it would be appreciated.

 --Ezra Claverie

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