Thursday, August 04, 2011

Hola! Lovecraft

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Google Insights is a statistical tool to track trends. Since 2004 Lovecraft has plummeted in interest. One hopes that Chrispy's blog did not bore people away from HPL. :)

However, look at the global map. Spanish speaking nations score high in Lovecraft interest, while the USA is quite low.

The decline in Lovecraft trends proportionately to the rapid lack of interest in traditional science fiction.

There is a slight uptick in interest in Lovecraft lately, and one hopes it will continue.


Bryan Alexander said...

Very interesting. Is this a sign that HPL reached a saturation level around 1995-2004?

Different question: what do you mean by "traditional sf", 1930s period?

Chris Perridas said...

No, just the term "science fiction" when you place into Google's Insight function. There is a significant decline in the US market, and this parallels the publishing industry and the decline of science fiction magazines.

Bryan Alexander said...

Interesting. I wonder how horror and fantasy fare, in parallel.

A good chunk of horror and sf has moved to podcasts. I bet they'll fall off the Web, if trapped in iTunes.

Creature said...

Traditional Science Fiction like from all the masters (Heinlein, Asimov, Bradbury, etc.) has definitely shown a slow down in both output and interest. Fantasy, once a back seat driver, has taken the steering wheel and driven to new heights.
On the horror scene supernatural creatures and Zombies have littered the landscape leaving little hunting space for the likes of good ole' nature produced (or chemical, genetic, radioactive, take your pick) monsters to roam and terrify. That would include all our outer worldly Demi-Gods and shadowy, tentacled horrors as well.
People in the states love to jump on trends (and oversexed supernatural horrors as well) rather than get down and dirty with a true monster or travel to new worlds in a space ship.
In the meantime, Fantasy has reared it's magical dragon-like head, and made off with all the booty, and readers.
Have a Great Day!!!
The "Creature"


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