Sunday, April 17, 2011

ScientiSnaps: HPL Three Years After His Death

In 1940, HPL was still vividly remembered and honored in scientifiction magazines. This one is from Walter E. Marconette of Dayton, Ohio and starting in February, 1939were mimeographed, a rather recent innovation over hectographing.

The Very Old Folk was featured here, and as it came from a letter written to Donald Wandrei on Thursday, 3 November 1927, he must be implicated somehow in its use. It would not be used in print by Derleth until 1944 in Marginalia.

SUMMER 1940 (Volume 3 #3) had this:

Thls issue is respectfully dedicated to the memory of the late Howard Phillips Lovecraft 1890 · 1937 * Gentleman, Scholar, Correspondent of great renown, and the greatest modern Master of the Macabre. 


"The Very Old Folk" by H. P. LOVECRAFT
"The Chestnut Mare" by  David H. Keller, M.D
"Midas" by Charles R.Tanner

"The Nightmare Lake" by H. P. LOVECRAFT

Articles & Features
"Kaleidoscope" by Walter E. Marconette
"H. P. Lovecraft; Strange Weaver" by J. Chapman Miske
"Book Review; After Many a Summer Dies the Swan" by  Jack Williamson
"Fantasy Footnote" by Harry Warner, Jr

"Fireside" (an editorial and readers department)
Advertisements....... 2, 26, & 27

The seller typed in HPL's death as 1957, but of course it was 1937. Thanks Dave for pointing that out, and it is now corrected.

Additionally, STJ in his new bio mentions that the Old Folk exists in three versions, at least, but confirms this is essentially Wandrei's version.

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