Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Yet More Cthulhu Stories. :)

The following product is on preorder or backorder. Our expected ship date / ETA: May 15, 2009 (all dates are tentative and subject to change).

Imagine being free. Free from everything that defines you, that makes you easily recognizable as who you are. Welcome to a place where bleak noir cityscapes share a Technicolor sky with combat fighters, where you can find gunslingers from the Old West and a lost chapter from a literary classic, all with something in common: Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos. This is a place where the Crawling Chaos has to solve his own murder and the Old Ones come up against the Gods of Las Vegas, a place where the new player in London's underground isn't human and masked heroes go toe-to-tentacle with eldritch horrors. This is a Mythos collection unlike any other. This is Lovecraft in many colors, many guises. This is Cthulhu--Unbound!


SKU SKU19181
Store: Bloodletting Books
Author: Thomas Brannan & John Sunseri
Publisher: Permuted Press
Edition: Trade Paperback
Release Date: May 2009
Price: $14.95

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