Saturday, October 28, 2006

Michelle at Strange Maine: Rats in the Halls

Local newspapers had a field day beginning in late September with news out of Richmond, Maine, that rats were running rampant in the town. Headlines included "Richmond residents revolted by ravenous rodents" and "Parents pepper officials with questions about rats."The issue became full-blown when local parents received a September 22nd letter that informed them that the Marcia Buker School was one of the recipients of this rat population explosion. Parents' main contentions were over the fact that the rats had been in evidence at the school since June, but exterminators weren't hired to deal with the problem until mid-September."Principal Deborah Soule said rats have been crawling out of the ceilng tiles at night and doing a little chewing. She said there have been no sightings in the hallway by children, but one staff member saw a rat running across the parking lot and another said she thought she saw a little face peeking out of a ceiling tile."

Strange Maine here.

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Michelle said...

she thought she saw a little face peeking out of a ceiling tile
One must admit a certain hearkening-back to Brown Jenkin! (one of the first HPL tales to TRULY horrify me and keep me up at night imagining dreadful things)

Good catch, Chris!


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