Monday, June 12, 2006

Breaking Lovecraftiana News


spcsprockt has just pblished this on ebay!! This is incredible news for Lovecraftiana collectors. No doubt it will quickly disappear in a collector's hand. (No Chrispy is not bidding on this one).

"Personally signed by H. P. Lovecraft, this rare, 1879 first edition of "The Light of Asia" is believed to have belonged to the writer when he was a schoolboy in the early 1900s. The style of writing is consistent with quill pen writing of that period, which was well before he became known. H. P. Lovecraft (b. 1890 - d. 1937) was raised and educated in Providence, Rhode Island, where he would go on to become a prolific writer on the supernatural. This book was obviously owned by Lovecraft when he was a young student, as his writing has not yet developed the sophistication of later examples. There is a strong similarity with the looped L in Lovecraft, and the signature itself shows its obvious age. This book was recently purchased at an estate sale of an old Rhode Island estate, and its exact history is unknown. It may very well be that this book helped inspire the young Lovecraft to become a writer; opening his mind to other realms. "The Light of Asia" was written by Sir Edwin Arnold, and published by H. M. Caldwell Co., Publishers, New York And Boston. The book has a partial split along the top portion of the spine, while the pages and binding are in excellent condition. H. P. Lovecraft's signature appears on the first blank fly page at the front of the book. The book includes a white ribbon book marker that may have been his. This 239-page work features beautiful poetry and verse based on Eastern mysticism and philosophy including Karma, Nirvana, and Buddha, presented in eight parts or "books". This may be the last chance you have to actually possess something that was once owned and embraced by Lovecraft. Guaranteed to be original as described. "

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